Without the active participation of HABA members in the various committees HABA would cease to function. If you have an area of expertise that will benefit the Association please step forward and donate whatever time you feel you are willing to give to help us be the best we can be. Direct volunteer experience is not necessary. Become part of the learning curve.

As business owners, our time is dear, but as the saying goes “many hands make light work”. There are many committees to choose from where you may wish to lend your support. Participation in at least one if not more committees is encouraged. Below you will find a little more information. Do not feel discouraged if the description is lacking from your own thoughts on the focus of a committee. New ideas and perspectives are always welcome and if you feel you still are unable to find your place, join the ‘New Initiatives Committee’ to express your ideas.

Contact the Committee Chair or Chairs that interest you to find out when the next meetings are and how you can participate. If a Committee has no Chair at this time then please contact one of the Executive Members.

View our Committees list.