Committee List

If you are interested in heading a committee or contributing to a committee please contact us


If you have fundraising ideas and any amount of time to help coordinate and/or run an event HABA could use your help. We are open to partnering with other associations around town where we can pool our resources and share the profits. Put your thinking caps on and talk to us soon.

Such as: Gift baskets, Pub Night (January, February & March), BBQ's at events such as July 1st during the Main Street parade outside Home Hardware and September's Around Town Yard Sale. We would like to hear your ideas.  Contact an executive member.

Trade Expo (Spring):

This is a large event to be held in the spring (Late April-Early May at the Fire Hall) and can be quite successful with attention to detail. Volunteers will be needed to strategize on set up, theme, co-ordinating demonstrations, canteen, door prizes, advertising and other many details. This is an opportunity to really shine as a business association and the more people involved will maximize the potential for success.

A leader is needed, but for now please contact the executive to sign up for any aspect of this project.

Shopping Party Night:
Shopping Party Night (December)

This is a community Christmas Thank you from the business association that is held on the first Friday night in December between 6-9pm. There is a parade through town, opening ceremonies, Santa Land, music in the street and various in-store specials and draws.

Sub-committee: Santa Land

Sub-committee: Tree Decorating (Cochrane's Pharmasave)

Help is needed in coordinating various aspects of this event, advertising and making sure that the evening runs smoothly.

Contact HABA for information on how to be part of this committee.

Publicity adverting:

HABA has begun an aggressive advertising campaign with many benefits for members. Help coordinate content and style through such media as radio and newspaper advertising.

We are still young and developing publicity and promotional angles. Your input is vital.
Contact us to become part of this program.



Being a member of HABA has its benefits (link to benefits). This committee works hardest in the spring just before the June AGM to secure rollover memberships and update the membership cards and benefits list.

Craft Fair:
Craft Fair (December)

Held in the first week of December. Help is needed in coordinating mail outs, advertising, set up, canteen and take down. Contact: Margot @ 684-325

Web Site:

Anyone with basic Microsoft Word and general computer skills can edit, update, contribute and manage the content presented on the HABA.CA web site.  Therefore, with this new ease of operation we seek interested individuals to contribute their time to this web site to keep the content fresh and interesting to the public at large.

Should you wish to get involved with this aspect of the association please contact our president, Scott Hupman via email by clicking here.

Special Events:

Like the Poker Walk in September 2005 in association with HMCC.
Be creative and put your own special talents to work. Contact us with your own ideas.
Contact any member of the executive.

New Initiatives:

Again – let’s get creative! Do you have an idea or a new direction for the business association. Business Development or ? Contact any member of the executive.

If you are interested in heading a committee or contributing to a committee please contact us